Since 2007, Mediprospects

has been delivering learning, skills and employability services for vocational sectors: helping Apprentices, Learners, Employers and Employees in developing skills and securing a better, brighter future.
The values we believe:
  • Respect – respect others, and recognise and value their contribution.
  • To be accountable – inculcate personal responsibility for the success of our company and ourselves as individuals.
  • To be inclusive – take into account the different needs, values, beliefs and aspirations of others.
  • To challenge paradigms – confidently express our opinions while remaining open to the views of others and learn from the process.
  • To empower – assist others in achieving the best they can be and to realise their potential.
  • To pursue excellence – share best practice, learn from others, and develop continually.


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Our Vision

To be recognised as a leading and exemplary authority in the field of training, employability and community development.

Our Mission

To make a long-lasting and tangible impact on young people and adults alike through excellent learning provision, career opportunities and pastoral support.

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