End-Point Assessment

End-Point Assessment: As new apprenticeship standards get prepared to be delivered – you might have noticed there is a separate section to the whole apprenticeship delivery. Whether you are an Employer who employs apprentices or a Training Provider who trains apprentices – under the new standards, apprenticeship achievements must be assessed by an End-Point Assessment Organisation. What is ‘End-Point Assessment’? End-Point Assessment is a specific to Standards, it is an assessment service which verifies the achievements of an apprentice using set Assessment tools near the end of apprenticeship programme. Apprentices are expected to meet the Gateway requirements before they can be assessed, however, Training providers and employers are free to engage End-Point Assessment Organisations at any time before the end of an apprenticeship programme. That being said – it is useful to contact an End-Point Assessment Organisation at the start or near the start of an apprenticeship programme, allowing both the Employer and the Training provider to prepare the correct evidence. What is Gateway? Gateway is a term used to describe the development stage of an apprentice which varies from one apprenticeship Standard to another. Usually, an apprentice is considered to be at the Gateway and ready for End-Point Assessment if he or she has achieved all of the following:
  • Set length of employment
  • Adequate vocational learning
  • Literacy, Numeracy and ICT qualifications / equivalents
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities award / Workbook
Please note, the Gateway varies from one standard to another and there are specific requirements which must be met, this is why it is important to contact an End-Point Assessment Organisation during the early stages of delivery so that Assessments can be planned well. You can find more information about apprenticeship standards, Assessment Plans and Gateway requirements by visiting this webpage: https://www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/apprenticeship-standards/ End-Point Assessment is completed using set tools (as in the Assessment Plan for the occupation) by Assessors who are employed by End-Point Assessment Organisation and have the necessary expertise in Assessment and the Occupation itself. For more information please contact: Mahbubur Rahman Email: mahbub@mediprospects.org.uk Telephone: 020 8472 6060