Investor in People

We received some positive feedback from our last Investors in People inspection, which shows our success in valuing our staff.

Further Feedback

‘‘The importance of people is understood by the organisation, as is the relationship with the wider stakeholder network within the sector, with Mediprospects Limited having received many extremely positive reviews in the sector press, in addition to winning awards and gaining recognition from statutory bodies such as Ofsted. The survey showed that all members of staff agree that the organisation has an impact on society; an important statistic for your organisation.’’

‘‘The impact of this strong people-based culture is reflected in the organisation’s positioning within the local marketplace and also through benchmarking activity across the wider industry sector compared to other providers.’’

‘‘The organisation’s vision is clear and is robustly communicated to all employees with everyone ‘on board’ with what the leadership team plans and continues to plan for in terms of company objectives.’’

‘‘Strong communication takes place throughout the company, both formal and informal, for example, the regular all-staff meetings, which people find useful.’’

‘‘Teamwork and collaborative working (as demonstrated in the survey with 100% agreeing with this) is a key strength, with many structures in place to enable this, for example, management meetings, people and management meetings, best practice groups and various ad hoc working groups. All of those interviewed stated that ‘teamwork’ and the ‘people culture’ are what make Mediprospects Limited the success it is today.’’

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