Ofsted Report

February 2018 Ofsted Report – further feedback

The Ofsted report from February 2018 (Grade 2) offers an insight into Mediprospects.


  • Managers have established extensive partnerships within the local area to ensure that the curriculum they offer meets the needs of learners and local employers. For example, they work with local doctors’ surgeries to offer training to employees wishing to pursue a career in nursing and for learners in care homes to pursue higher-level qualifications. Courses also meet the needs of learners in the local community who require a qualification to gain employment. Employers speak positively about the contribution that learners make to the workplace and they value highly the skills and knowledge that learners develop at Mediprospects.


  • Teachers have high expectations of learners. They are enthusiastic in their teaching and, as a result, learners enjoy their lessons, are highly motivated and keen to learn. Teachers create an inclusive learning environment in which learners feel safe to answer questions and express their opinions. Learners support each other very well when working in groups and refer to a sense of ‘family’ within the organisation.


  • Teachers improve learners’ knowledge and skills of the care sector well. They use their vocational experience to apply theoretical concepts to practical situations. In a health and social care lesson, learners identified how strokes can leave permanent damage to the brain and how this can increase the likelihood of the onset of dementia.


  • All learners have the opportunity to take additional qualifications such as infection control, health and safety and moving and handling people. The majority of learners choose to take one or more of these and thereby improve their skills and their chances of gaining employment.


  • The standard of learners’ work is high and most make good progress relative to their prior attainment. Learners develop skills and knowledge that are relevant to their future employment and a high proportion of learners move into employment or further education. An increasing proportion of learners progress into higher education and a small proportion take up voluntary work.


  • Learners feel safe within the organisation and within their workplaces. Staff support learners very well to understand how to keep themselves safe and form positive relationships, both within and outside their learning environment. Learners feel confident to discuss sensitive issues with staff and access the support that is available to them. As a result, the very large majority of learners are able to continue in education and achieve their qualifications.

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