Trainers and Practitioners

Mediprospects operates a Training programme for Educators and preparing them to work as Trainers, Assessors and / or Quality Assurers.

These courses are designed to equip the practitioners with the most current learning strategies and styles, regulatory changes and industry best practice.

Our Trainee Educators get the chance to ‘shadow’ experienced practitioners and learn:

  • How to prepare Lesson Plans
  • How to train young and adult learners
  • How to assess Vocational learning
  • How to Quality Assure Vocational learning
  • How to meet CIF requirements (OFSTED)
  • How to manage cohorts
  • How to safeguard trainees / learners
  • How to use technology in learning

Learning from the specialists also gives our Trainee Educators a unique insight into the practices and delivery of Further Education in the UK and preparing them to work in challenging and rewarding career.