We are dedicated to providing employees, regardless of age, with the skills and knowledge relevant to their job role, as well as assisting employers in building and training a skilled, motivated workforce. Our work based learning programmes are the ideal way to help with this.

Why choose Work Based Learning?

Our programmes, aimed at anyone from the age 16 upwards, are extremely flexible and we can work with you to identify shortages in skills and deliver tailor-made funded courses that will overcome the shortfall.

Our team of experts are committed to delivering bespoke training programmes that will not only enhance your workforce but also transform your company to become a more productive and successful business.

Our apprentices are given the opportunity to learn all aspects of their role, whilst at the same time gaining a national qualification – which has a great past record for allowing candidates to flourish within their roles.

From the early stages they are offered significant training, support and encouragement from the Mediprospects training team, allowing them to learn the required skills that will allow them to go on to become vital members of your team.

Our Awards

To find out more about the awards we offer, please contact us :
Email: info@mediprospects.org.uk
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